Ken Brown Engraving Equipment

Items you must have to attend Ken’s Seminar

NSK Presto High Speed Handpiece Carbide Bur Sampler
High Speed Handpiece - Oil Free - Ken Brown System

NSK Presto High Speed Handpiece

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Ken Brown Bur Sampler includes 45 Premium Carbide Burs

Carbide Bur Sampler (45 Carbide Burs)

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How to Order:

  • You may also call Russ or MarRuss and Marcy Larsency at Taking Aim Marketing though we are not always in the office. If you get our voicemail, please leave us a message and we will return your phone call as soon as possible.

Phone Number – (801) 210-0479


Supplies you must bring with you to the Class – NO SUBSTITUTIONS!

  • 4 Ultra Fine SHARPIE markers.  2 BLUE, 2 RED
  • 1 Tube Rub ‘n Buff Antique Gold
  • 1 Tube  Rub ‘n Buff Silver Leaf
  • 12” THIN, FLEXIBLE clear plastic ruler marked in 1/16’s
  • A 12” plastic T-square
  • Tape dispenser and 1 Roll of 3/4” 3M Magic tape
  • Small box of Band-Aids.  JUST in case…..
  • 2 wooden pencils + small sharpener
  • 1 SCOTCH BRITE coiled metal dish scrubber
  • Small spray bottle for alcohol to clean glass (alcohol provided in Classroom)
  • Two small hand towels  (from home or your hotel room)
  • Small pair of scissors

*NOTE:  Best to purchase these items and place them in your checked luggage to avoid any issues at airport security.*

Eye Protection – Do not minimize the importance of this!

Bring non prescription reading glasses for eye protection and magnification. If you are over 40 in age, a 3.00 or 4.00 power is usually best.  Weaker lenses often do nothing for engraving. Test by reading, not by looking around the store. Do not depend on your everyday glasses. Even if you don’t wear glasses, you will still need these for engraving.  CVS is my first choice, but you can also find these at Walmart and other stores. DO NOT MINIMIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS ITEM – THERE IS NO TIME TO PURCHASE AFTER YOU ARRIVE AT CLASS.

 Engraved Items to Take Home

**Very Important – Shipping your projects back home**

Decide how you want to get your class projects – the items you’ve engraved – back home. When wrapped in bubble wrap, just about  all of the items will fit in the size box used for a case of wine.  If you prefer to take the items with you, you will need to have checked luggage. There are knives and other items that you will not be allowed to carry on a plane. It is usually more convenient and cheaper to ship the items home via UPS. We have no shipping supplies at the class. However, there is a Staples store within walking distance for shipping supplies. 


Order your Complete Ken Brown System  (allow 3 weeks for delivery)

 Ken Brown Professional Engraving System

Ken Brown Calligraphy Engraving System

Complete System – $1845.00 + $55 s/h.

Purchase Online through Utah Handpiece Repairs – Here


You may also E-mail:

Russ and Marcy Larsen

Phone Number – (801) 210-0479 (Please leave a message if you get our voicemail, we will return your call)

**If you purchase the NSK High Speed Handpiece and Bur Set prior to class, then decide to purchase the full system after, we will deduct the handpiece and bur set from the kit price so you only pay the difference when you order the Complete System**

Kit includes the following:

  • 2 -Carrying Cases with Wheels
  • Storage Box with all Supplies (all the little things )
  • Quiet, Professional Grade Compressor
  • Complete Air Filter/Regulator on Stand
  • NSK High Speed Handpiece
  • Task Light
  • Pillow Bag
  • Compressor Hose w/fittings
  • Electric Foot Control
  • 5 – Mylar Stencil Sheets
  • Carbide Bur Set
Answers to Frequent Questions:**Russ and Marcy at Taking Aim Marketing handle all equipment and supply orders for Ken Brown Students.  Please contact them directly with questions about the equipment.****Yes, you may order the Handpiece and Bur Sampler before class, then schedule the complete system to arrive immediately after the class. *****The equipment we offer is the highest quality and we are happy to answer any questions before purchasing.  Please make sure of your purchase as we do not offer refunds on any equipment.******We order, assemble and test each kit upon order. Please allow up to 3 weeks for your system to ship out to you.******As a small business, we are not always available to answer our phone, but we do check email all day. Please send an email to for the quickest response. If you call our office and get our voicemail, please leave us a message so we can call you back.**