Numerous times before in this space I’ve sung the praises of country clubs and the enormous potential they are for hand-engravers of Calligraphy.

Below, I’m on my way to the post office with 20 golf clubs to 20 different area golf pros at country clubs.  I researched the clubs and got the right names, wrote a letter with some enticing words, put the letter in an indestructible PRIORITY MAIL ENVELOPE, cable-tied each personalized envelope to its matching 5-iron (each brand new for $5.!!), went to the post office and waited my turn in line.

Other postal customers looked at me strangely and I liked that.  Nobody asked a question until the clerk said, “May I help you?”  Told her she certainly could.  She weighed each for its zip code, printed a postage strip, and put them in the outgoing mail buggy.  Less than $6. each for postage for each club to be delivered unwrapped, just as you see them.

Needless to say, if you’re a golf pro getting one of these in the morning mail, you’re going to give it your full attention.  Twenty pros did just that.  Know what?  Over the next year I heard from and did events for all but three of them.  Still working on those!

Just an hour ago I heard from one of the pros who has some items he wants engraved for an upcoming tournament.  That reminded me to remind you that country clubs offer a huge potential business if you approach them with samples of your work and follow up within a few days of your initial contact. Perhaps you’re more comfortable making the contact in person…or you don’t know where to get cheap, brand new golf clubs to repeat my idea.  Dream up your own method to capture their attention to you and your work!

Now, how’s the best way to engrave a club?  See below.




First, use a sharp #3 or #4 round carbide.  Place a piece of clear tape on the shaft where you want the lettering to sit.  Draw a line with an Ultra-Fine Sharpie permanent marker.  Remove the tape.  Place another tape’s BOTTOM EDGE ON THE BASELINE.  With that marker, write the name in Copperplate…the letter style you see above….on the tape.  Descenders of the letters don’t matter for your draft.  When done, place your draft up above where you want your engraving to be.  With the chosen bur, make your letters precisely below the draft so your engraving will be the same size as your draft that was placed where above where you wanted the engraving to be.  Simple as that.

Make a plan to make yourself known to as many country clubs as you can in your area.  You won’t get them all but if you get ONE it will be worth your effort in ongoing business if you charm them the first time with your work and reasons they should incorporate your work some of their activities.

Remember, country clubs are not just about golf.  Though they have several member and member/guest tournaments annually along with wedding receptions, parties, bridal shows, wine tastings, and a thousand other activities that are going on at all of them every weekend!  You don’t have enough arms and legs to do them all so just work on 3-4 with great effort and enthusiasm.

Good luck!  These are ideas worth teeing up.  Right now!


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