Frequently on these pages I tout the ever-present potential at every country club, of any size.  They’re everywhere.  In the cities and in the country, they are situated on the edge or in the middle of acres and acres of trees and mowed fairways.

At those places of celebration, relaxation, and golf games there are people of all stripes.  On every weekend of their calendars there will be a function scheduled.  Bridal shows, anniversary parties, wedding receptions, special dinners, and…oh, yes….golf tournaments.

I’ve done scores of events at them all over the Dallas area.  Being able to personalize virtually anything, on the spot, quickly, and beautifully, draws attention like a celebrity.  If you are presently an active hand-engraver who has come thorough my Workshops, and you aren’t hustling the folks who keep the facility humming, you’re missing a sure thing. Make a visit to the membership director first.  That’s the individual who has their finger on the pulse of the club and knows everyone and just where your skill will be a fit.

On-site at tournaments I’ve personalized countless drivers, putters, and chipping wedges.  I’ve worked in the pro shop and on the first tee box.  The club pays my daily fee for an 8 hour gig.

For parties and evening functions I’ve engraved swords as tournament ‘trophies,’ crystal glassware for anniversaries of individuals and companies, and SmileStones™ for Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs.  The list of possibilities is long.  The potential is huge.

This titanium driver was not done at a country club event but was for an individual, much a part of that scene. It was engraved with a #3 round carbide bur in an NSK Presto, oil-less handpiece, and took just under 4 minutes after the baselines were drawn with a Sharpie Ultra-Fine marker.  Lines were washed off with alcohol after engraving…thimble of Jack Daniels.  (Only kidding.  The JD was at the 19th hole where I usually end the day and schmooze a few golfers toward the next event.)

Let the golf crowd know to clear the way for you.  FORE!

-Ken  •  214.250.6958  ( The final Workshop of the year on October 8, 9, 10, is about to announce a lower fee and some changes in the process.  See ken brown.com or call for info.   Enrollment is still open for 8 more students.  Country clubs and Christmas could fill your stocking!

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