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Publication dates are random and unpredictable and often filled with helpful information for wannabe Calligraphers and Engravers…as well as those who already are!  Your input is welcomed and appreciated in the Comments block at the end of each piece.  Let me hear from you.

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This is the piece that will accompany an email blast or two….and probably be used in a variety of ways to remind my ‘wine groupies’ of the chances to get their wine bottle purchase engraved FREE.  Dates and locations will be added at the bottom for wherever it may be used.  My event calendar will show you all upcoming FREE WINE ENGRAVING events.

At this point, I’ll make a conservative guess that a couple of thousand bottles will cross my table, under my drill, by Christmas eve.  I have events in the Dallas area, Lubbock, and Austin, Texas.  Check my event calendar to see the one closest to you….if you’re in Texas!

If you’re one of the legions of wannabes, still perched upon the proverbial fence of indecision about learning and earning with this skill, lean just a bit my way and you’ll see life changes in your earning power you never imagined.  It’s three days in Texas, in a nice hotel conference room, loaded with samples and a constant stream of information and hands-on to learn what I do.

No talent?  Lousy handwriting?  So what!  Doesn’t matter.  You learn a method and it works for everyone!

And while I’m on the subject of learning this skill, I know there are countless people in countries all over the world who know about the Seminars I conduct; many could never come to Texas.  Often I get emails from all over the globe about home-study material and on-line teaching.  They finally have my attention.

Let me see a show of hands, by your comments below, of your interest in an on-line course to be taken from your home or office.  NOTHING will replace being here in the room, with lots of one-on-one interaction, so an on-line, live presentation, over some several weeks of time, would certainly be better than giving up on the idea of learning this amazing skill.

In the past 3 weeks I’ve had numerous phone calls from promotional companies in areas where I have no students.  They know what we do and want to hire us.  A gentleman in San Diego called just last evening wanting bottle engravers; he has an urgent need I had nobody to recommend to fill his needs.

Seriously thinking that we may look into an on-line program depending on feedback you may offer, or comments about your sharing experiences with other on-line instructions.  Let me hear from you.

Here’s the link with more about the Workshops and Ken Brown Certification.  The next Workshop is in mid-January and the only one scheduled after that, so far, is in mid-February.  Enroll now.  Take the tax deduction for this year and begin learning the script with pencil and paper on the alphabet sheets we send when you’ve made the leap.

Remember:  Leap and the net will appear.





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