Now, this has nothing to do with getting tagged on Facebook.  

I get no instant gratification with a little number at the top of my phone screen or on my dash that indicates another ‘LIKE’ or two.  I get no comments that feed on each other when someone following me in a traffic jam, or cruising down the freeway/tollroad, sees the license plates on my Yukon SUV……one on the front and one on the back.

I have no signage on the doors or windows touting the fact that I hand-engrave wine bottles.  Just this eyecatching red, Texas tag that, in a word, tells who I am.

    Above and below the rear plate are three words that sum it up, along with my web address to temp a quick search on surrounding phones while drivers are waiting at red lights or stalled by traffic snarls.

    A couple of days ago a woman came to my table in a MARKET STREET store and commented that she saw my tag in the parking area near the front of the store.  She looked me up in the store and bought 4 bottles for engraving.  All because she saw my license plate.

    It’s another way to quietly call attention to your service when you can tie it to a clever word on your cartag…a mobile billboard that can produce business while you drive.



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