These 20″ swords were awarded to winners of a Member/Guest tournament at an area country club.  It’s a club I’ve done work for since 1998.  Each sword was a miniature at about 22″ in length.  I started each third sword with a new #4 round carbide bur.  After engraving three of the hard stainless steel blades, the bur was replaced with a new one.

     Country clubs are a wealth of potential business.  Seldom these clubs are idle on weekends.  Wedding receptions, bridal fairs, big parties, and golf functions all present rich opportunities to personalize items for the crowd.  The club, the members, the attendees all have disposable income and fees can exceed what is normally charged on routine custom engraving elsewhere.

     Explore the possibilities where you are and show your work.  Send a personalized wine bottle, along with a brief business letter and your card, to the golf pro or membership director of the club.  You might just be exactly what they didn’t realize they needed so much.

     Our next Ken Brown Engraving Workshop is May 23-26 and there’s still time to get in.  We have 4 seats open.  After that, the next class is July 18-21. See details here.


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