A woman who has a kiln for ‘slumping’ (melting) bottles brought me a wine bottle that was flattened after several hours at a high temperature.  She…and many other people with china and ceramic-firing kilns (ovens)… melt bottles in to various shapes.  Some make cookie and snack trays by shaping, during the melting process, to hold food.  Novel way to recycle wine bottles, and great items to personalize!

The customer had me engrave several with names she made for gifts.  She gave me two flat ones to experiment with; this is one of them.

Search for someone in your area and let them know that your engraving and the reshaped glass make a cool combination.  My customer was so intrigued with the idea, she came and took my engraving Workshop.  Now, she does her own engraving!

BOTTOM LINE:  Continually look for new surfaces and ideas to personalize.  Garage sales, Goodwill, Salvation Army, and similar stores will have a wide variety of choices.

 WHAT?  You’re not yet engraving and earning the equivalent of a hundred bucks an hour…and often more?  That’s what my friend Dave, the attorney, earns up by the Great Lakes!  And that’s just for the engraving!  I’m pretty sure his ‘lawyering’ commands considerably more, but that takes years and years.

Engraving?  The day you get home from the Workshop here, you’ll be able to do a wide variety of objects, just as you learned how and did in the class.  And you can earn at the rate of $75.-$100. per hour for the first things you do.  Yes.  That’s right.  A $50. or $60. fee for a 12-15 minute job…do the math.

Still have seats in July….only 3…and one of those can be yours.

OR…bring a friend to share the experience with you and you EACH get a $150. discount off the published fee.  To get that, you both must enroll, at the same time, by June 20, and ask for the discount.  Three seats available.

You’re not getting any younger. This is, without question, the best way to earn a great new stream of revenue with a minimum of investment.  No inventory to stock.  No need for an office or store. No employees to deal with. Work on your kitchen table, or garage, or workshop, or craft room, or the kid’s bedroom since he/she is gone off to college.  Figure it out.

It’ll be the smartest thing you ever did.  And you CAN learn!

-Ken  214.250.6958

Call me.  Ask questions.  No pressure.  I’m easy to talk with and will give you level, straight answers and even help you get here if you ask.


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