The local little league team had a good year.  The coach wanted to honor each young boy with a personalized baseball, so he asked if I could do them.  Told him I could, so he brought 19 balls and a list of names and numbers.

I used india ink and a Speedball C2 dip-pen for the lettering. Each ball took under 3 minutes. Note the pinky below the pen, bracing my hand so I could maintain just the right pressure for every stroke, thick and thin.  The leather was like fine paper and allowed razor-sharp letters.

I charged him ten bucks per ball.  He was thrilled, for it gave him the chance to give each kid a memento of an unforgettable summer, playing competitive baseball.  For me it was a home run.

-Ken  •  214.250.6958

Oh yes….

IF you were coming for an engraving Workshop, would you be interested in an extra day devoted to an accelerated crash course in broadpen lettering?  Though it is NOT required before learning engraving of a totally different script, those who come here from far and wide, who DO have some experience with this kind of lettering, always advance a bit faster.  It’s an extra day in the hotel and more cost.  If there is sufficient interest, we may plot a 4-day session in late spring of 2016 and see what response we get.

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