Each of these stones was lettered with a flat brush and india ink.  The soon-to-be-bride brought them from a swell trip to a Texas river and decided she wanted one on each table at the wedding rehearsal dinner.  Each individual at the table wrote their name on a small sheet of paper, folded it up, and put it in someone’s hat.  The lucky draw got to take the stone home.  These were ten bucks apiece for the Calligraphy.  I wasn’t invited to the wedding.  Gail and I had our own dinner party for two at the local Jason’s Deli!


If you have a touch of creativity and passion…AND… you can dream and believe…you can have joy and delight with the simplicity and truth of keeping your focus on success. Have a little heart and gratitude for your courage.  Find the fun and potential wealth that can come from change.  There’s serenity and great fun in abundance.  The sheer comfort of peace and health while learning Calligraphy is fabulous. Inspire yourself and feed your soul. Work at home and celebrate the fact that you can earn rich rewards on your kitchen table.

Dance a little jig at your progress.  Nurture your new skill.  Pray for good luck and play with the multitude of choices you can embrace.  Laugh at your mistakes.  Accept the fact that grow as you live.  Sing as though nobody’s listening.  Cry if you’re sad by your overblown expectations. Count your blessings and kiss someone you care for deeply.  Hug them if they’re just a cheerful so-so.

Now….if you can find the one word missing in this paragraph, apply that word to yourself and leap!  The net will appear!

And that word is…….

-Ken  •  214.250.6958

Site rearranged with better fees for the January Workshop.  At the moment, only six seats left.





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