Not long before I left my position at WFAA TV in September, 1972, I did this retirement gift for a long-time employee.  The name of every employee at the station was packed into the shape of the station’s logo.  Liquid paper corrections disappeared when the commercial graphics firm made a stat and printed it on heavy paper.  I personalized the print, kept the original, and gave the finished piece to the station executives who presented it to the retiree.  He was NORVELL SLATER, second from the left in the photo below.

All the lettering was done with Speedball C-3 and C-4 chisel-edged nibs and india ink.

This became an important period of my Calligraphy with pen and ink that, later, became building blocks for my entry into a different style script you know that I do with a dental drill.

Why should you care about this?

Calligraphy with a drill, to personalize gift items, is 98% of my work now.  It is the most proeductive phase of the countless twists and turns I’ve made with making pretty letters over the past 50+ years!

YOU do not need one minute’s worth of pen and ink experience to excel in what I teach.  If you WANT to do it, you CAN do it.

Again, why should you care about this?

It can change you life and income in ways you would never believe until you’re in the chair with the drill in your hand.

Workshop number 100 is May 23-26.  It will be special in several ways.  You have the opportunity to learn how to recover your investment in your future many, many times.  As the old Chinese Proverb goes….”Leap and the net will appear.”


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