It is, however, representative of the work she did on the third day of her Ken Brown Professional Engraving Workshop in 2009.  She’s a Canadian and wants to keep a low profile for the rest of the world….although she’s carved out quite a nice business where she is. Below the photo are two emails I got from her 2 days ago.

On Jun 25, 2017, at 6:55 PM, Suzanne wrote:
This is a love letter to you Ken! (Have I got you blushing?)
     Just wanted to take a moment to show my appreciation and pride in taking your engraving class in 2009. I’m the south paw from beautiful British Columbia Canada.
     Since 2009, I’ve kept busy engraving all kinds of items for lots of wonderful people, but really waiting for my shining moment to arrive.
     Meanwhile, I created my web site and did all that was necessary to be easy to find.
     Last fall I got a phone call from Holt Renfrew Vancouver. “Betty” saw my site and sent, by courier, 4 sample fragrance bottles to be engraved. I delivered them in person. She was blown away! She said she had been looking for someone like me for a long time. Truth be told, I had been looking for someone like her for a long time too.
     My engraving world went from doing individual pieces in my studio to full days engraving for high end international fragrance companies.
$1100 – $1300 fragrance bottles are coming my way and people are waiting in line! It’s far better than I ever imagined.
Getting paid very well doing something you love is the ultimate. I also feel lucky that I can call you (and have done) for advice.
     I saw a vision, was willing to take a chance and I’m living my dream job. How could I not be in love!
     I think of you when I’m busy engraving and although I’ll never be as good as you, I feel lucky to be part of an elite group of hand engravers. Hand work can command serious money.
By the way, I turned 70 in Jan., for those who think it’s too late for a new career. Get with the program!
Cheers from Canada,

I wrote and asked her to clarify the $ figures.  Her response is below:

Hi Ken,
Yes it’s been a wonderful journey.
Answering your questions, yes, it’s that much per bottle.
The best day so far brought in $25,000 to the vender on fragrances and lipsticks. That was a 7 1/2 hr. day of engraving. Customers were buying 4 at a time, then coming back for more. Crazy.
When I’m hired by Holt Renfrew, I engrave for all the vendors that day. Now they’re starting to hire me individually for special events.
I’ve never made a go of the wine industry here; they don’t seem to grasp the concept of these events and the benefits. I got tired of knocking on doors.  It seems to work best if they come looking for me instead of the other way around. We’re not as open with the spirits here, getting there, but different to USA.
Thanks for replying, great to keep in touch!

We have 3 seats available for July and 7 for the September session.  Ten seats total for the rest of the year.  Rare opportunities for anyone wanting an amazing new skill and ability to earn as never before.

– Ken   214.250.6958




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