IMG_0122Armies of angels are forming at this very moment all over the world. Some are pewter. Some are crystal. Some are silhouettes of bright stainless steel, reflecting the twinkling lights on Christmas trees. Some are delicate porcelain. Many will represent a couple’s or their child’s first Christmas. Each will become an heirloom to be handed down to kids and grandkids, and great grandkids. The angels are silent but all speak the unequaled joy of Christmas and family.

Legions of new angels will fly to the soft pillow of talented hand-engravers who will make them become priceless mementos with beautifully scripted names and dates. The angels are then symbols of family milestones, annually revisiting and adding to the joys of the season.

Soft pillows and professional training are available here to accommodate flights of angels that will surely find their way to you as they seek to find their identity for the ages.



A NOTE TO KEN BROWN ENGRAVERS GETTING READY FOR THE CHRISTMAS SEASON   You may not have a blog or the wherewithal to create material for your prospective customers.  Be my guest and use this and other ideas that you may want to tailor to your own business.  Find your own Christmas angel, engrave it, and get a simple, good quality photo showing it as I did this one.  Modify the copy here to bring customers to you.  Print flyers.  Create an email with the central idea and send it to your own database of customers.  You DO have a list of names and emails don’t you?

Watch what you see in this space from time to time and if you’re more an engraver than ‘a words person,’ these might help you out a bit.  AND, any feedback or suggestions from you….regarding what you see here….would be valuable to me.



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