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Just back on level ground from a week in the cool mountain air of Red River, NM.  Cleansing and therapeutic!  More on the trip with some photos on FB in the coming days.  

Notable, perhaps, is that I may be the only senior guy to walk to the top of the ski mountain and ride down.  A few people ride up and walk down but we saw nobody on the walking trail going UP!  Being 25 years older than Missy, I set the pace that was a bit slower than hers would have been without me.  Strangely, I was so engrossed in the walk….and breathing!….I never thought about a photo at the finish so you’ll have to take my word that we did it.  We did it!  Anyone else ever do that in Red River?  It was 10,350 ft above sea level at the top.

NOW, to the business of the final two engraving Workshops this year.  My offer for the 8th person to sign up in each class has to be withdrawn. We’ve had not ONE person sign up for either class since that offer was posted.  As you may know, the 8th person to sign up would be notified at the orientation evening of class that they WERE the 8th and would get a full refund of their Workshop fee.  I have an idea everyone is waiting until the last few days to sign up to be that 8th person. We’ve devised a better arrangement so EVERYONE can benefit from if the class fills.

Since hotel policy now states that my payment and seat guarantee must be made 30 days in advance of the Workshop, your payment and reservation MUST be received not later than August 4 for the September session and September 8 for the October session.

Again, if you’re planning to be in the September workshop, your payment must be in by the end of the day August 4.

IF and only IF the class fills to the max of 8 students, EACH student will get a 10% refund on the fee paid at enrollment.  APPLIES ONLY TO THOSE WHO PAID THE FULL FEE OF $1600.  You’ll receive nice, green CASH in an envelope during the orientation evening.

So, the heat’s off to be the 8th caller.  Just get your seat reserved by the 4th of August and prepare to learn the best new skill of your life from which you can reap rich rewards for years and years to come.

Call me if you have questions or are ready to take your leap of faith.

-Ken   214.250.6958

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