The last couple of editions of the iPhone have incredible cameras.  With a simple and inexpensive tripod and special jig to hold the camera, you can get some amazing shots of your work.  More and more, I use my iPhone 6S for quality photographs you see in these blogs and on my site.

I have a professional Nikon camera, and a hand-me-down set of professional lights, thanks to son, Kevin.  That setup gets lots of use as well.

However, when I need more control, quicker setup, and fast results for a closeup view of an item, the photo below shows the arrangement I use for macro…closeup…shots.  The ball & joint tripod is a JOBY.  Its legs will bend and wrap and get your camera in almost any angle, anywhere.  The camera used is an inexpensive Canon point-and-shoot from about 6 years ago.  Using only my overhead studio fluorescent lights, I position it, turn on the macro setting, and fire away for several test shots to get what I want.  I then plug the memory card from the camera into my Mac to see results.  Often, I shoot several series with different settings and angles, then choose what I like best to use for a blog or a promo or something to email to a customer or prospect.

Good luck with your photos.  Can be hard and intimidating.  Can be easy and fun.  You just have to decide what you want the end result to be and experiment.  The investment can be small and excellent images can result.

You need good photos, worthy of your web site, on-line promotion, and to wave your own flag any way you can to secure business.

Tell me what camera you use and, though I’m not a pro at photography, I might be able to help with getting shots of your engraving to spread the word and engage that wonderful earning power you have.

By the way, more and more of my new students are setting their starting rates for events…and to gauge their fees for smaller jobs…at $125. per hour.  The wine, spirits, and fragrance vendors have learned to expect to pay such rates for trained people who know how to do what we do.

If you’re on the fence, or even near the fence, on a decision to join the small sprinkling of us across the world who do this, now is a perfect time to learn and be ready for Father’s day and all the myriad opportunities that follow!


The next Ken Brown Engraving Workshop is April 13-16.  See details here.

Special discounted price for students returning for a refresher and new material.

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