Jose from Silver Spring, MD, with a few of the dozen projects he engraved in the September Engraving Workshop.


I’m engraving the last 3 lines of an 8 line poem and words of congratulations to two young women opening a new business in north Texas.  After the grand opening, I’ll share photos and the verse; the bottle is to be a surprise presentation in mid-October so watch for that in a couple of weeks.  Oh yes, this is a 9 liter bottle of Cabernet; it holds the equivalent of a full case (twelve 750 ml, regular-size bottles of wine) and was heavy and cumbersome to deal with on my table.  More details later.


A generic message on the back of a woman’s watch as a sample for my NORDSTROM event in the Galleria store, in Dallas, on October 8 from 5-9 p.m.


Another sample message on a man’s watch for the Nordstrom event.


All three watches were engraved with a #1 round carbide.  Each watch, if brought to my Studio to be engraved, would command fees from $65. to $80.  Watches retail from $399. to $599.  Of course, engraving is complimentary with each purchase during the Nordstrom event.

Each engraving on these samples took less than 4 minutes in my Studio.  Backs were very soft and prone to show what appear to be scratches that came from the cotton cloth used to wipe off the Sharpie permanent marker lines with alcohol.

Our next Professional Engraving Workshop starts the evening of November 11 and runs for 3 hours, then full 8 hours on each of the next three days.  The class fee has been reduced substantially and there are options not available before.  Details here.  This skill produces more income than you’d imagine for the meager, one-time expense of the Workshop and equipment.  You stock NOTHING.  You set up at your home, or wherever, and engrave….PERSONALIZE…what customers bring you.  You’ll spend about $300. per year on drill bits (burs) and that’s it.

Many students earn back the full investment in 6-10 months.  Some have done it faster.

There are 5 seats remaining and there is still time to be productive and earning very nice fees for 6 weeks before Christmas.  Call me at 214.250.6958 if you’d like in or have questions.  If November isn’t a fit, we have a January session scheduled as well.  See in the pages listed above.


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