On the wall surrounding a vacant lot next door to where I was working in Soho, NY, in April, were these two words written with an aerosol can of blue paint.  Could have been an errant teen with a knack for pretty letters to match the message.  It may have been an artist with a need to tell, in prettier-than-usual graffiti, his or her mindset at that moment.  It struck me as beautiful.  When you look closely, it is not great lettering but it grabbed my attention and probably the eyes of all who walked by it.

It makes my point as I talk about this lettering thing I do and teach.  It’s not about perfection.  It’s about the letters and the mood they set whether in graffiti on a wall, or a longer, more meaningful few words on a wine bottle or a piece of beautiful crystal, done with a high-speed rotary tool, aka, a dental drill.

In various places across several states I’ve found the occasion to leave my mark in wet cement.  Takes only a flat screwdriver, a tongue depressor, or a wood chisel to put a few words that may be where I leave them for decades.  Strangely, I’ve not done the spray can bit.  Pretty letters or not, I’d be the chump who got the fat fine or a ride downtown to plead my case.

In all of this, it is all about the letters and the messages they created.  When you can make them stand out just a bit, as the graffiti artist did here, you have the ability to create lots of buzz when you share your scribbles, however elementary they may be.  When you can do them with style and purpose on a shiny sword or piece of Waterford, you won’t have time for spray cans or sitting on the couch wondering what productive activity you can do in your spare time.  Spare time?  Perish the thought!

-Ken  214.250.6958

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