Back at the A, several posts back, there begins a commentary and tips to help you with various aspects of Calligraphy and Engraving.  I’m backtracking to add those day by day as time permits.  So, revisit the A to find the first installment and watch for new ones to appear every so often.  The next one will be on the B and will continue with each new letter.  You won’t get emailed reminders of those….you’ll just have to check back occasionally.

These comments will replace the promotional urgings about our Seminars that usually appear below the photos and graphics.  Those interested in learning can find the information quite easily with a couple of keystrokes.  

Above is a photo I took of a hand that belongs to a choral director in Dallas.  She saw my SmileStones™ at the IRISH FESTIVAL where I had a booth last Friday and Saturday.  She felt the stones would be a perfect gift for her melodious ladies in the group.  These little glass hearts…and other shapes…are pure magic.  People love them and cannot resist purchasing them when I’m in the public.  At my events, I usually give one free to each person purchasing a bottle of wine to be engraved.  They make great ‘bait’ to pull people into the area where I’m working….and a terrific ‘thank you’ to those purchasing a bottle of wine to be personalized at my in-store events. 

At my own events and shows like this festival, I have a 20″ diameter ceramic dish I fill up with about  300 – 400 stones of various shapes and colors.  People love to sift through them to find just the right one for the name they want engraved on it.  I most often use a #6 round carbide; on the hearts I will usually switch to a #4.  At this outing I was getting $4. per stone or 3 for $10.  

My platter was flatter and my wallet was fatter after a few hours of SmileStones™!  

-Ken Brown


  1. Marie March 6, 2012 at 7:08 pm #

    Our high school has senior night, an event for only seniors & their parents. The committee puts together a gift bag. Last year I engraved hearts for girls & flat blue stones for the boys and the were inserted into all of the bags. They were very much appreciated & I received a lot of compliments on them. THIS year I have a senior, so all of her graduating class will be getting them. I even found some red stones in the shape of lips! I also do different shapes, like turtles, frogs, etc as teacher gifts @ the end of the year. Keep sending all the good hints, Ken & say hello to Gail for me.

  2. Bill March 7, 2012 at 1:26 pm #

    Ken, you’re right! These small items draw a crowd and it’s fast and easy. At a Christmas craft event, I engraved over 100 of the round ‘smile’ stones in less than 4 hours. Easy money and great place to pass out your cards and make contacts.

  3. Diane March 8, 2012 at 11:25 am #

    Can anyone tell me where to get these glass hearts for a wholesale price? Thanks!!!!

  4. Ken Brown March 9, 2012 at 4:05 pm #

    Hi Diane…..See my reply to Suzanne. Thanks for the note and if you find out, let me know, please!

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