Screen shot 2010-07-19 at 8.48.12 AMIt’s likely you’ve seen this photo before.  It’s about 12-13 years old now and I keep sharing it occasionally because I think it’s one of the coolest face paintings I’ve ever seen.

Now, it probably doesn’t take as much art talent to do this as it does imagination and vision of an idea.  When I look at the simplicity of it, and the cleverness of the idea, I’m mesmerized every time I see this gorgeous little face.  She was in a Frisco, Texas, mall with a line of kids behind her, waiting to have some design painted on their face one busy Saturday.

It takes less ‘talent’ than the face painter had to make elegant letters with a rotary tool.  When you learn, the lines will be long at your table too.  The talented face-painter probably did this art for free.  Trained engravers of letters get well-paid for their skill that shows up not on faces but on wine bottles, whiskey bottles, knives, guns, and a few very interesting back room items from connoisseurs of crystal.

And if you’re an artist already, imagine putting your pen or pencil images you normally put on paper…..on glass, metal, crystal, and gun stocks, and countless other surfaces.  Add to that, the ability to personalize your art and it’s a double-whammy!

Cheers!  Ken

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