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I love swords.  They hit my door more and more frequently from several firms and individuals.  This one came from the MEDIEVAL TIMES Restaurant/Arena in Dallas.  Amazing place for dinner and entertainment from, well, medieval times with all the pageantry and ceremonial things knights did on beautiful horses.  And still do.  

This sword was given to a software company that celebrated a special anniversary with their employees at Medieval Times; they gave the company the memento to take back for display in their corporate offices.  

Not a typical situation for my Engraving, but I looked up the company’s logo and since it was a simple lower case letter form, I was able to engrave it quite close to their official mark.  That was done with a #3 round carbide for the larger letters and a #2 for the word ‘software.’  

The script was done with a new #4 round carbide.  The way I get the lettering as close to dead center of the blade as possible is to lay a piece of clear tape right down the center of the blade.  In this one it was easy to merely put the left end of the tape strip’s edge on the little pointed area of the decorative stamping, just to the left of ‘gearbox.’  The other end went straight to the point of the sword.  I drew the center line with a Sharpie Extra Fine marker along the edge of the tape from point to point. 

On each side of the blade’s center line, a put down another piece of tape to precisely draw the position of the upper guideline and the baseline….the height I wanted for the lower case letters.  The caps, ascenders, and descenders were made on the fly. It was a quick job that made my afternoon recently.  

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