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You have a right one and a left one.  The one you write with is the one you engrave with.  Whichever you use is the correct one for being trained to make exquisite letters on almost anything. 

IMG_0134This pen was done by the right one belonging to a recent student.  An attorney.  Those guys and doctors and most everyone else zip off handwriting that is hardly readable.  The masses now communicate with a real or virtual keyboard.  

Pitiful how most schools now have no penmanship or cursive training.  Many young adults simply cannot read, nor do, normal cursive handwriting.  The few who discover and come to our classes learn beautiful letters with a dental drill.  They go back into the world with a sense of pride and accomplishment.  They gain the ability to inscribe a name on a pen, a stethoscope, a knife, a gun, a crystal vase, a wine bottle, a cremation urn…and a thousand other things.   

The skill is rare and has a learning curve that is relatively short.  Students begin earning the day they hit home after  completing a dozen or more projects in the 3-day Seminar.Screen Shot 2012-05-15 at 8.35.31 PMTattooing is NOT what we do, though this person thought enough about pretty letters and a message to endure the process to have them painfully etched into the skin on their back.  People love beautiful hand-lettering and they go to great lengths to get it.  

Read the message.  A change in your world can be greatly positive when you can engrave the messages and sentiments people want.  No blood.  No pain.  Considerable returns.  

October and November classes still have seats.  Forget the published price of $1499. for the 3 days.  It’s much better if you call and ask and have a serious need/want to learn a life-changing skill.

-Ken  •  214.250.6958

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