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Pretty little sweetheart of twenty-something strolled in with a Derringer and asked if I could put a name on it.  Told her I could.  When she gave me HIS name, I was surprised it was for him, not her.  These little gems are most often found in a woman’s purse or some hidden compartment of an undergarment, I’d think.  It would almost fit in his watch pocket.  

Now, I don’t have any idea the motivation for giving the old boy a pistol as a wedding gift.  You’d think he’d be here having it engraved with her name.   Would be great for self-defense in the parking garage at the mall.  The little .22 caliber bullets could mess up some flesh and do major damage if up close and personal.  

Anyway, I took the piece and engraved his name and wedding date on the top.  A couple of days later, she returned and was thrilled with the work and the forty-eight dollars I charged her for the 5 minute job.  As she walked out of the Studio, I reminded her to tell him not to leave it at the scene of the crime.

 So, now I have another engraved gun photo in my collection.  This might be a pretty cool service to offer at a knife and gun show sometime!  


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