Not exactly what you’d find on an industrial worker or John Wayne, this hard hat in the western style is a party favorite.  In the crown, paddle in a pint of guacamole, heavy on the chili peppers, and put some of your favorite tostadas around the brim. Add a cooler with some Lone Star Beer…Blue Moon is better…and it’s a party waiting to happen.

In this one, there’ll be no guacamole or chips.  It was given by a mother to her son and will find permanent residence on his big executive desk.

The inscription announced the son’s promotion and a few sweet words from the mom.  It was done with a #3 round carbide. The metal….of unknown contents….looked like polished silver but was some kind of aluminum or combination of who-knows-what alloys.

TIP:  Engrave metals with a tip-toe approach.  You never know the hardness or softness of the metal and the dullness or sharpness of your bur makes for a delicate combination of factors.  Do NOT use a Sharpie for guidelines.  Some of these soft metals will be scratched with the fibrous tip that has just enough abrasiveness to foul the project.  Use Rub ‘N Buff along the edge of clear tape, the lift the tape for a harmless baseline on which to engrave your message.  The large arc along the edge of the brim was accomplished by stretching the 3M Magic Mending tape as it was pressed to follow the curve.

Now, I’m off to a family pool party in my long jeans and long sleeve shirt.  I’m sick of the visits to the dermatologist.  I may stay near the guacamole and chips and Blue Moon.  Probably served in plastic.



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