IMG_0778Three guns.  One Jackson.

Now, I’m not sure what a guy needs with three pistols.  Oh, I suppose there are countless reasons, but they don’t matter to me. The important thing here is that he wanted them all engraved.  

I used a new #3 round carbide bur.  He had given me the exact location for the engraving on each.  I drew a light baseline with a soft graphite pencil and laid down the letters.  When finished, I used a quick spritz of rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth to rub off the line.  Job done.  

12 minutes total time for the line, engraving, and wash-up for all three guns.  

He came to get them and said, “How much?”

 I said, “$100.”  

We both said, “Thank you!”  We were both happy.

The more guns I do, the more that come in my front door.  Word gets around.

When YOU do guns, don’t be bashful about charging.  You don’t have to do fancy scroll work or draw pictures.  I do neither.  There are people who can do that and I salute their talent.  Most of those people cannot do precise and beautiful lettering so we all have our niche.  Personalization is at the core of what I do and the list of items is endless.  If you do scroll work AND beautiful Calligraphy on guns, then you are surely the busiest person in the neighborhood!

Guns won’t fit into the jeweler’s engraving machine, so when folks want their pieces personalized, hand-engraving is the ticket.  

Just remind the owners not to leave their personalized gun at the scene of the crime.  


Details and schedule on our 2014 Engraving Seminars.

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