A gentleman brought this duck call for me to personalize for one of his customers.  Told me he turned the beautiful wood and hand-made the call; his wife did the carving.  I asked him what she used and he said it was a Dremel.  Geeze.  That’s like using a jackhammer for an ice carving!  We talked about the dental drill and I even demonstrated its use on a small knife that I personalized for him.  As we talked he kept saying what a great combination of skills his wife would have if she could engrave the names as well.  Well, duh!

I suggested he bring her over for a test drive so she could see how to greatly refine her wood carving and use the same tool to add names with a Presto hand piece.  His reply, “Oh she doesn’t have the confidence to do any more than she’s doing.” He’s probably correct.  Just as Henry Ford was, when he said, “Whether you think you CAN or you CANNOT.  You are always right.”

Gotta tell you, as adept as I am with letters, she’s light years ahead of me in the cattail carving.  Even with that slow, heavy, clunky, and noisy Dremel tool.  Never heard back from either one of them.

MORAL OF THE STORY:  If you can carve even this well…which is, obviously, not great…with whatever tool you’re using, the Presto will send you into orbit with its personality of speed, lightness, comfort, and relative quietness.  A duck call with great carving and the hunter’s name elegantly inscribed on it would surely have the ducks calling on his blind.  KABOOM!  Poor ducks.


Oh yes, ‘summer rates’ for our Engraving Seminars are now showing on our site.  Subject to change without notice.

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