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An Engraving tip:  BETTER GUIDELINES

Never use a permanent marker again for guidelines.  Decide where each line will be on the object.  Put a tiny dot on the object with a soft pencil or a non-permanent marker. Pull a length of 3M MAGIC TAPE…frosted, not clear…and slightly longer than your guideline needs to be.  Align that piece of tape directly on the center of the tiny dot. Burnish down the edge of the tape firmly so it sticks tightly end to end.  Put a dot of Rub ‘n Buff…about 1/4 the size of a pencil eraser…on the edge of the tape. Rub it from end to end of the tape with a cotton ball. Rub until it completely disappears from the object.  Peel up the tape and you have a razor-sharp, distinct, hairline-thin guideline for your engraving. Repeat for every guideline needed on your project. When done, if there is to be Rub ‘n Buff on the bottle or whatever you’re engraving, apply the color and rub all over the engraving with a cotton ball, filling the letters. The baselines will disappear and there will be no need to wash off permanent marker lines that are often difficult to see AND difficult to get off the object.

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