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In 2008 the inventor and producer of this one-of-a-kind, best-in-the-world money clip asked me to engrave his.  I was sitting in Nordstrom in Dallas engraving fragrance bottles, a mile a minute for Mother’s Day, when he stepped up to my table, watched a moment, then asked the question.  I took a couple of minutes and put his name on it.  He was impressed.  Now, here we are several thousand Duck Bill purchases later with an even better-designed product than the originals.  With my deep engraving on each, it becomes a double-whammy piece of art with great function!  It holds bills, credit cards, and all you need to carry.  Many are sold to women who keep them for themselves!

For decades before being introduced to the product, I carried an expensive TUMI leather wallet.  Wouldn’t even THINK of any other way to carry my stuff.  Quite soon, after I got acclimated to the DUCK BILL, the Tumi  went into the bottom drawer with my Walkman, flip-phone, and, pager.

Here’s how I engrave them.  The metal is a high-grade spring steel to maintain a strong ‘bite’ on your cards and money.  The metal is hard.  It’s available in three finishes…POLISHED, MATTE, and BLACK.  I start a batch with a brand new bur and do about 20.  By then, it’s time to get another new one to keep the letters crisp, smooth, and deep.  I draw a base line with a Sharpie Ultra Fine point and visually center each name.  On the inside of the clip, I sign my name; if you look closely you can see a faint image of it in the dark area.  The photo above shows a finished one for a customer in New York.

Here’s the site where you can purchase the item.  Fill out the on-line order form.  In the engraving instructions, specify KEN BROWN ENGRAVING and pay ONLY for the DUCK BILL.  You’ll get yours back with my special touch and as long as your order is received at DUCK BILL PLANET by the end of AUGUST, the Ken Brown Engraving is FREE.

Watch the video of me engraving a DUCK BILL.

Write this item in for many on your Christmas list and do it early!

-Ken  •   214.250.6958

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