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NOTE:  All letters in this series were done with a #4 round carbide dental bur on flat glass.  Guidelines are 1/4″ apart.  The top and bottom lines are the boundaries for the ascenders and descenders.  The drill is running continuously during the entire letter.  

THE LOWER CASE f begins with a long straight line from the top to the bottom line.  Begin at the top line with just a hint of a curve to the right.  VERY IMPORTANT the top look like this.  Immediately straighten the stroke to go at the angle shown all the way to near the bottom line.  At the place shown, reduce the pressure so the heavy stroke transitions to a hair-line-thin stroke that makes a gentle turn left and ends with a dot on the bottom line.  The dot is made by merely adding pressure to the drill, then lifting it straight up off the surface.  

Move back to the top where the long downstroke…the spine of the letter…began.  Make seamless connection, with the drill still running, by placing the bur (drill bit) on the surface at the beginning of the spine stroke.  Make the stroke thin, then slightly thicker and you go to the right with a slight curve as shown, and end with a dot.  

With the drill still running, place the bur slightly higher than the center of the two middle lines and make a horizontal stroke with a light pressure.  Make a loop on the right end, with the end of the loop pointing down.  This crossbar on the f should be much thinner than the letter, as shown.  Letters that follow the lower case f should not connect to the loop on the crossbar.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANotice in the sample above how each letter following the f does not touch it.  The f and every letter in this complete alphabet can be seen being made in this  DVD set. 

Video snippet here. 

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