Wine consumption in the U.S. is at staggering figures and growing.  Every sleepy little community to every thriving metropolis has wine lovers.  Every wine lover and every giver of wine as gifts absolutely adores the engraved bottles.  This concept is quite new.  I’ve been doing it for 21 years.  I’ve been teaching the technique for almost 13.  

Still, most people have never seen nor heard of hand-engraved wine bottles.  The one above, done for my wife’s hairdresser, is one you may have seen here before.  It’s worth a recycle to tell you the bottle stayed on her hairdresser’s station for a long time and resulted in lots of new business for me.  Many of her customers saw it.  Some of those became my new customers.  They show their bottles and that results in yet more business providing engraved bottles for their gift-giving.  

It’s ‘viral’ in its own way.  

In the October 17, 18, 19 Seminar, wine will be a big part.  Not only the technique for engraving the bottles but how to promote your work and get noticed in a variety of ways.  I’ll share some experiences of my own off-the-wall, almost-no-cost promotional ideas with bottles that brought a LOT of business that then created more.  

There are still seats left in October AND November to have you ready for the terrific Christmas season.  And, YES, you’ll be ready to engrave bottles for the ones who learn of your new skill before holiday gift-giving.  

The Seminar details are here.  Forget the published price and call me on my direct cell phone number and I’ll give you a great deal to get you here and  get trained.  

At bare-bones minimum, wherever you are, you can earn at a rate of seventy-five to a hundred bucks an hour for engraving and adding gold or silver to the lettering.   Wine Works! 

-Ken  •  214.250.6958

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