The young lady with the blue plate below is from the Dallas area.  She was in a class about 5 years ago and is doing very well with what she learned here in three days.  Below her photo is Pat from Colorado; she was in Class 82 last week and, though her plate is clear, the results when she finished were much the same as what you see below.

This project is always started around 10:30 on the third and final day of the class.

Between the photos, how they did them….
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA•  SUPPLIES NEEDED:  PLATE from Walmart.  Usually blue, clear, or tan are available.  MARKERS…Sharpie Ultra Fine.  One red, one blue.  WOODEN pencil.  TAPE, clear or masking.  #6 round carbide bur.  #4 round carbide bur.  Rub ‘N Buff in Silver Leaf or Antique Gold

READ THROUGH THIS PARAGRAPH TWICE BEFORE BEGINNING!  The ‘compass’ for drawing the baseline circle:  Tape one capped marker to the pencil.  The bottom of the marker should be about 2 inches from the point of the pencil.  Tape bottom, center, and top of the marker securely to the pencil.  Uncap the second marker and tape it to the marker taped to the pencil.  Tape securely in three places.  The second marker’s point should be 1.5 inches from the point of the pencil when all are taped together.  When the three pieces are taped together, they should be side by side.

Place a large folded towel…two thicknesses…on a table or flat surface.  Place the plate on the folded towel…or piece of carpet.  Place the plate up against the pencil, then press the ‘compass’ vertically, with the point of the pencil, into the towel or carpet.

Push the plate against the well-seated pencil and TURN the plate while pushing against the pencil.  The pencil must be held perfectly straight and steady as the plate is turned.   You should turn the plate as though it was turning on fixed point in the dead center of the plate.  SPIN the plate slowly against the pencil.  The uncapped marker should touch the plate firmly to mark a circle.

If you did everything right, you should have a perfect circle about 3/4″ inch from the edge of the plate.  That will be your baseline for the lettering.

Measure up 3/4″ from the circular line and make a mark on the plate.  Sketch a short curved line about 1″ long.  That will be the top of the first letter with the #6.

Change to a #4 round for the rest of the wording.  If you aren’t comfortable making the lower case letters without a top guideline….for the top of the lower case letters such as a, c, e, i, m, n, etc., then you should measure up 1/4″ from the solid circular line and put small dashes or dots around the plate for that extra help.  The ascenders and descenders of b, d, f, g, h, etc., are another 1/4″ above and below the lower case letters.

Begin your first word with a #6 round carbide….first letter only.   When you get to the word Linked, use the #6 again for the first letter only.

To be sure it will fit, you should engrave the verse on flat glass, get the total linear inches length, and see if that length will fit your plate.  Use a flexible ruler or tape measure on the plate.

Have fun!  This makes a terrific wedding shower or anniversary gift.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The poem is copyrighted to me.  My intellectual property.  You may use is and sell it, one original at a time, or give it away, one original at a time but you MUST put the copyright notice on it to protect me AND you against infringement of the copyrighted verse.  The notice should be ©2014 Ken Brown.

Place it a couple of inches before the end of the last few words.  Engrave it very small near the edge of the plate.  You should SIGN your name….signature, readable, not the engraving script,  at the end of the verse.  That shows YOU as the artist/engraver.

If you have room  between the start and end of the circle, you may want to add the names and wedding date of the recipients.  Anniversary date if for that.  If not room in the circle, put in the center of the plate.

When the engraving is done, wash off the lines and rub in your choice of the Gold or Silver Rub ‘N Buff, then buff off quickly with fresh cotton balls or a soft wire scrubber.

Here is the poem, ©2014 Ken Brown.

Bound by love, two souls, two hearts, can conquer any foe.  Linked by love with common goals, hearts get stronger as they grow.

Good luck!  Let me see the results if you try this at home!

Best regards,


P.S.  We still have 4 seats in the September Class.  Anyone who sees this and enrolls tomorrow, Wednesday, 9/3, gets the class for $1500. (published price is $1600.)  Added Optional Certification $1100. (published price is $1200.)  WEDNESDAY ONLY… BEFORE 6:00 P.M.


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