When engraving wine bottles, that you purchase to give as gifts, be conscience of these steps before you begin:

Select a dark bottle.  Color shows up much better in dark glass.

Be sure it is NOT Champagne or sparkling wine.  You need lots of experience and a feather touch to lower risk of the bottle exploding when engraving these bottles.  

Notice where the seams are.  Bottles have a seam on opposite sides.  Pick one with seams NOT where you plan to engrave. The labels are put on randomly on a conveyor line so find a bottle with the least visible seam away from the location where you will inscribe the message.  

Be sure the foil or plastic covering the cork and top 2-3 inches of the bottle is not torn or leaky. 

Be sure the bottle labels are not cut, torn, or soiled by handling or other leaky bottles on the assembly line.  

Lay out your words on flat glass to get length for measuring and centering or placing on the bottle exactly where you want them to be.

Use clear tape and a small drop of Rub ‘N Buff rubbed along the edge of the tape that you place on the bottle for each baseline you’ll need for the lettering.  

Engrave the bottle.  

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-Ken  214.250.6958

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