People often comment about my promotional savvy.  It’s not savvy.  It’s common sense about creating a unique item, targeted to an individual, to get attention where the potential return is worth the special effort.  

      This tall, cobalt-blue bottle of Riesling is one of the most successful vehicles for carrying my messages.  There are numerous exceptional elements that come together, making this a show-stopping, attention-grabbing promotional tool that stays prominently displayed by the recipient for a long time.    

      First, I make a new contact or want to shake up the day of some important person who will show what they just received from me.  I can always write a rhyme that fits the occasion or individual getting the bottle.  When that message is engraved into the bottle, filled with bright silver paint, and sent to the person, I can count on great comments and, often, more bottle engraving as a result!  This Riesling bottle is about 30% taller than a regular 750 ml bottle of wine.  It has twice the contents at 1500 ml.  

      Pam Murray is the sweet lady dermatologist who knows every square inch of about 96% of my body.  That 96% is the part has been exposed to the sun most of my life.  I’m now paying the price for standing on the front of a bass boat during the 70s and 80s, bow and arrow in hand, shooting big fish in Texas rivers.  But that’s another story for another time when I tell you about the book I wrote entitled BOWFISHING.  

      Pam sees me regularly.  She’s a great people-person and sees scores of patients at her busy clinic near where I live.  A week or so before she put me on her table for skin surgery on my back, several months ago, I hatched up the verse for this bottle.  I did the layout, engraved it with a round carbide bur, wrapped it carefully, and sent it to her at the clinic.  Of course I knew she’d show it to every other doctor, aid, and staff member in the whole facility.  She did.

      When I arrived for my appointment, the bottle was sitting on the counter in the room where she would slice and dice me.  She raved about it and told me everyone in the building had seen it.  On the followup visit I saw the bottle sitting on a shelf above her desk as I walked by her office.  It continues to be displayed and often shown to her other patients.

      I recently sent one to the promotional director of a leading Dallas hotel.  Her response to me promises a lot of business now that she knows my services. The functions at the hotels offer a multitude of opportunities for me to provide engraving both on-site and in my Studio.

      The director of events at one of the big country clubs near me also got one of these bottles about 4 years ago.  It was such a powerful promotional piece that I’ve done over two dozen events at the club and she is still raving about her bottle, still displayed in her office.  It continues to produce good pr and exposure for my hand-engraving.  

      Below is the left side of Pam’s bottle and below this photo is the second verse on the right side.


IMG_0542      Handing out business cards, mass snail-mailing a brochure to a list of prospects, and advertising in print media is so yesterday.  

-Ken   214.250.6958  

Four seats remain in the January Ken Brown Professional Engraving Seminar where students learn how to make magic and create their own engraving opportunities with enormous earning potential.  

Oh yes…the TOTAL one-time cost of Pam’s becoming an unofficial and continuing ‘pr agent’ for Ken Brown:  $29.63 and about 45 minutes of my time.

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