This was a job for a recent family gathering.  It took about 25 minutes and I charged $2. ea., plus an extra buck for each word or portion of a word in addition to the first word.  It was $130. total.  

     To make the process really fast, I have a plush carpet sample from the carpet store around the corner.  I squeeze out about a thimble full of Rub ‘N Buff Silver Leaf and rub it into the carpet.  Takes a minute to get it all massaged into the carpet in the dark area where the stone sits in the photo.  

     When I’ve engraved a stone, I rub the engraved side in the dark area about 3 seconds.  That’s all.  Then I move it over to the left where there is no color and ‘polish’ it off…another 3 seconds.  Works like magic and takes about 1/10th the time of putting color on the stone, rubbing it in with a cotton ball, then finishing it with another cotton ball.  If I’d had twice this many stones with similar wording, it would have been almost a $300. per hour job.  You or your college-bound kid can’t earn that flipping burgers or waiting tables or most anything else to secure an additional revenue stream.  Let’s hear it for SmileStones™!  

-Ken  214.250.6958  

We now have only 3 seats remaining in the January Seminar where SmileStones are a part of the projects and discussion of the many ways to use and sell the idea.

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