Late Valentine’s Day.  Excited lady.   Expected the big question to be popped later in the evening.  No confirmation to me as she promised.  I’m betting she and Louis are still recovering from Hugs, Kisses, & Wine which was one of the most popular inscriptions of the day.  It was a choice on the order form filled out by each customer.

She had passed by my table at Market Street, then did a double-take and came back to check out details.  Wanted something special for her sweetie and knew in a heartbeat this was better than a Whitman Sampler.  As we talked, she told me this bottle was to mark the 6 month anniversary of their first whatever.  Stay tuned and I’ll pass the word of a wedding if I get it.

The engraving was done without guidelines, using a #4 round carbide bur in an NSK Presto lab handpiece and good, clean Texas air at 40 psi.  Dental drill for short.  About 2 minutes for the engraving, then filled with Antique Gold by the store-provided assistant.

Next event is March 8.  It’s a wedding-focus at Market Street, Frisco, TX



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