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Oh how the Glenrothes Scotch Whisky will march out of two stores in Dallas today!  Here are the stats on the brand we’re featuring today.

I’m at two different SIGEL’S stores personalizing these bottles FREE with the purchase of this brand…or any other in the stores…during the hours shown.  Great Father’s Day gifts with your message of 5-6 words and a date.  

Now, I realize many reading this are nowhere near Dallas, Texas, but wanted you to see the type of events hand-engraving generates.  Since 2005 I’ve been conducting these events in wine and spirits stores all over Texas.  People simply cannot believe they can get a gift bottle with an inscription on it…and pay NOTHING for the beautiful message cut into the glass bottle and filled with bright gold or silver.  

Yesterday, a young woman working for one of the giant credit card companies came to my table to have 7 bottles engraved for her personal use.  She had visited me in previous events where I did bottles for her.  While she was standing at my table watching, she told me she was planning to come to our June Professional Engraving Seminar.  

I asked what her plans were and she quickly told me this would enhance her job position by providing a new skill set to her job description.  In her division of the corporation, a lot of gifts are given to special clients and prospects.  She saw the enormous potential of adding hand-engraved bottles to the mix of things she does in her job.  She knows, without question, it will advance her with the company.  Long-term….and I think it may be more short-term….she wants to make bottle engraving her sole/soul (she’s a gorgeous black girl with a personality that lights up the room and gets your attention) source of income.  

As we visited, it occurred to me that there must be legions of people in her situation whose value to their company could be greatly enlarged by offering this skill in the area of appreciations to customers and as a way to woo prospects.

If you haven’t experienced the reaction of getting or giving a personalized bottle of wine, spirits, or champagne, you won’t relate to this as well as Tendai did.  I look forward to teaching her how to engrave the bottles as well as how to market her talent inside her company and to outside here work realm too.  

  Take a look at our Seminar details.  

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