KEN-FULL-NEWA thoughtful wife wrangled her husband’s golf bag full of clubs, out of the garage, into her car, and to me.  The old boy had a 4 day business trip so it didn’t have to be done on the sly.  She wanted his name and phone number on the shaft of every club.   On the titanium driver, she wanted his name right on top of the head.  LOVE to do those.  Showers of harmless, white sparks are generated when titanium is engraved with the high-speed drill.  I got $135. for about 20 minute work.  No guidelines.  Sharp #3 round carbide for every club.  Use 4 burs total.

Seems he sank a 40 footer on the 17th green a while back and his prized chipping wedge got left and forgotten on the frog hair near the green.  The high-fives for that impossible putt shut out the thought of the wedge.  He didn’t miss it until he got home.  Someone took it and didn’t bother to turn it in.  Now, each club will show who owns it.

Country clubs are a gold mine if you do it right.  At the more prestigious ones all over the country….surely several where you are… there is something booked every weekend of the year.  Weddings.  Anniversaries.  Bridal shows.  Tournament trophy awards dinners, parties of all kinds, Bar Mitzvahs, etc., etc., etc.

Here’s how to get yourself noticed.  Call and get the names of the membership director, the catering manager, and the golf pro. If you want to up your chances of getting in, send the membership director a wine glass with his/her name on it.  Engrave a message in a circle on a clear glass plate for the catering director.  Send the golf pro a small, inexpensive pocket knife with his name on it.  Include your business card with each, along with a neatly hand-written or typed note letting them know you have a skill they can use.  It’s likely they will see or hear the buzz about the others getting a gift.

If you haven’t heard from them in a week, make some phone calls.  Try to reach each and ask if they got your personalized goodie.  That will start the dialog.  Good chance you’ll hear back from them.  After you learn what did and did not work, pick another club and try it again.

Let me know how you fare.  I do several thousand dollars worth of work annually for 5-6 clubs that keep coming back for more.

Good luck!


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