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This is the 6th or 7th time Gail and I have produced a large batch of little folded business cards.  They’re the best form of promotion we have.  This version is on the presses now and, unlike the previous run a couple of years ago, has only 8 panels instead of 16.  These are 2.25″ x 2.75″ on each panel.  The 16 panel had 2″ x 1.625″ sections.  

It was created on my Mac from start to finish.  Copy and photos were all placed in the Apple PAGES layout and a pdf was sent to our commercial printer in Dallas.  We’ve used the same firm since 1969 and they can read my mind!  

These will be printed flat, of course, two-sided, then sent to a pharmaceutical bindery in another city that folds the 15,000 flat sheets into the finished cards. The printer then gets them back and drills a hole through the folded cards.  You see the small circles where I left room for the holes so no type or photos would be drilled through.  When folded, the ABOUT YOUR ENGRAVING is the front cover and the A WORD FROM KEN…. is on the back.  When stretched out, the page below will be seen on the reverse side.  

I’ll buy a bucket of thin, cloth-covered ‘expandable loops’ as they’re called.  During our favorite tv shows in the evening, Gail and I will thread the loops through the holes in the cards….though they might loosely be called brochures!  It will be many tv shows to complete the task. Then, at my events, my assistant will slip the ‘noose’ over the neck of the bottle and it will leave with almost 28 square inches of photos and copy about the work we do and where the customer or gift recipient can get more!  

If you like the idea, create your own little foldout or have someone help you do it.  You can say and show a lot in only 4 panels….one sheet with one fold. They’re small, an unusual ‘business card,’ and people will tend to keep them quicker than a boring 2 x 3.5 business card the rest of the world passes out to end up in drawers and file folders.  

In addition to hanging them on bottles, we’ll have a few in our pockets at all times and wherever we see the need to do a bit of shameless promotion, we give them out.  I got a splendid job from an executive last year who found one I stuck in between the Splenda and Sweet ‘N Low at a favorite watering hole in Dallas.  You just never know.  


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