This was done for a friend of mine who gave shears to family members last Christmas.  Perhaps they all have green thumbs.  

      I envision the manager of the local Home Depot loving the idea as a service he might offer his tool customers this season.  Not sure what the company policy is but it would be a great place to spend a busy Saturday in December offering to personalize tools purchased in the department as gifts.  

      My suggestion is this.  Go purchase a pair of shears, a hammer, a small saw….anything you can put the guy’s name on.  First, of course, call or go and find out who the big cheese is and get his name’s correct spelling.  Take it home and engrave the old chap’s name on it and take it back to the store with your card attached, along with a cover letter in an envelope.  Tell him you’d like to talk.  

      I’d offer a FREE 4-5 hours in the store accommodating his customers.  No money changes hands for your service.  You’re there to show off your skill and a great idea.  Same as wine bottles and perfume.  It personalizes the wrench or whatever tool he or she may be giving as a gift.  Even if not a GIFT, it’s not a bad idea to have your name on the tool.  

However, don’t offer to engrave the tools of airline mechanics.  If the plane goes down and they find a ratchet and socket in the jet’s impeller and his name is on it, he’s in deep stuff.  But then most mechanics don’t work on an Airbus or Boeing.  

Let us know if you have any luck.  At the least, you’ll be able to hand out a bunch of business cards if they’ll allow you in the store to make them look good.  

-Ken   214.250.6958  

By the way.  From time to time we engrave a wrench in the Ken Brown Professional Engraving Seminar.  Last time, one of the students said, “Wow! What a great idea.  I know the guy in my part of town who drives the Snap-on tool truck.  Cannot wait to engrave one of his wrenches and plant the seed for him to spread around to all the mechanics on his route.”  

Now THERE’S a great idea!

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