Every time I have an event at MARKET STREET in Colleyville, TX, the proprietor, THERESA RUSSELL, of the business below, Rockin’ Haute, is sure to have a pile of order forms for free wine bottle engraving on my table.  Smart woman!  She has learned that gifts of personalized wine bottles…engraved FREE during my events…..through her consignment store, is a terrific idea.  She has bought cases and cases for that purpose over the past couple of years.

Every Friday in her store is “Champagne Friday”….surely you can guess what that’s all about.  She pours a bit of bubbly for the ladies who show up to shop.  Adds a bit of gaiety to the day and, strangely, somehow, often Fridays become her best sales day of the week.

Recently, when she began thinking about the benefits she derives from the engraved bottles, she let me know she has an interest taking my Class to learn this skill herself.  We talked.  She became so enthusiastic after we discussed the possibilities….and after she had told some of her customers and friends….that I managed to get the hotel room where we teach.  The first Class of 2015 is on January 29, 30, and 31.  She already had some interested in signing up with her.

So….if you’re in reach of a visit to her store, purchase $100. worth of her delicious goodies, and enroll in the class with her, you’ll get a $200. discount off the $1600. Class fee.  The deal ends the day before Thanksgiving, Wednesday, November 26.

If you’re NOT in reach of the store but want in on the deal, mention ROCKIN’ HAUTE when you call 214.250.6958 to enroll in the class and you get $100. off the fee.

If you’ve been reading my posts, you know the enormous earning potential in knowing and using this skill.  In the previous post today, I showed a letter from a promotional firm in NY, NY, clamoring for people I’ve trained.  It’s just amazing what dramatic changes the skill has made in many lives who have spent a few days with me and other students.  It IS learnable. Your handwriting has NOTHING to do with it.  NO artistic skill is needed.  You to NOT need to know traditional Calligraphy with pens to learn engraving my style of scrip with a dental drill!  Read all that again.  It’s a method I developed decades ago.  It works.  It works.  It works!

More details about the Seminar are here, on my site.  We take a max of 8 people and I’m almost certain we already have 4 who are ready to pull the trigger for January.


Ken  •   214.250.6958

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