You can get it being a plumber.

You can get it doing brain surgery.

You can get it being a rocket scientist.

You can get it being a high-powered attorney.

You can get it being the CEO of a huge corporation.

You can get it being a big-time investor in real estate.

You can get it with a dental drill without going to dental school and dealing with needles and blood.

You can learn HOW to get it in my October session.  6 seats remain.

You can learn how to get it in my November session.

8 November seats remain but November will be cancelled if no seats are reserved by the end of the day this Friday, September 26.

You can get a $1600. November seat for $1300. but you have to do it by 5:00 Friday, September 26.

-Ken   214.250.6958

All credit cards accepted.

Have your banker do a wire transfer from your bank to ours and the Seminar fee is $1250.

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