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This is an 1890 dollar.  It went a long way back then when a man’s cashmere business suit was Eight dollars and fifty cents.

One paper version of this beauty will now buy most anything at the Dollar Store.  

Three-and-a-half paper dollars will get you a gallon of gas. 

Four will get you a small soft drink at the movie.  

Five will get you a bag of popcorn.

Ten of them might get you a burger at a great burger joint.  

Forty of them will buy you a small bag of groceries.  

One hundred of them would get you a not-so-fancy dinner for two and a drink apiece.  

About one hundred fifty of them…AVERAGE… can come to YOU FOR EVERY HOUR you hold the drill to personalize things for individuals and stores.  That’s a lot of popcorn, movies, soft drinks, burgers, groceries, and dinners for a day’s work.

Insane you say?  Oh no.  

  It can be far higher than $150. per hour with the right mix of items people bring you.  Twenty-one years don’t lie.  I know.  Christmas is far enough a way that a beginning engraver can learn to earn handsome fees for wine bottles, knives, Christmas ornaments, and other items that will come to you for personalization.  Learn tips for charging for your work. 

So, here’s the bottom line:  

We’re less than two weeks from the start of the September Professional Engraving Class.  

We have three students on board.  To make the perfect size group, we need two more.  The published price is $1499. per person. 

Call and bring another person….relative or friend….you each pay $999.  for the 3-day session.  Actually, we’ll make the offer good for THREE sets of two people.  DEAL ENDS next Friday, September 20.  You CAN and WILL learn this skill when you take the step.  

Remember, “Leap and the net will appear.”  

-Ken Brown  



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