This is a drill for engraving.  The skill to learn the drill does not depend on pretty handwriting or natural artistic talent.  

Here’s why that drill in your closet is idle or not earning much for you.  

A gigantic percentage of people who bought a drill for engraving, from one of the two or three best-known sources, have a drill in the closet, garage, or on the top shelf in the attic.  Know why?  They purchased it to carve three-dimensional objects or to trace fish and deer and bear to carve on gunstocks and make a ton of money like only a handful of the thousands who purchased the drill do.  

That takes tremendous finesse and a long learning curve to become good.  Most people wash out because of that curve and the long time before the money comes.

Those with talent in that area have my endless admiration.  But those folks are few and far between.

The difference is….  

What we engravers of Calligraphy do is PERSONALIZE things.  We add names, dates, and sentiments on everything from dime-sized charms on a bracelet to a big crystal vase or a bottle of booze.  We engrave knives, guns, porcelain.  It’s all about gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and promotions and weddings that happen every day.

It’s easy.  It’s instant.  You work a few minutes or maybe an hour or two and your job is done.  No sitting over a chunk of wood for days or weeks or longer for the few customers who want that sort of engraving. Those, too, are few and far between. 

We do it fast.  We make people happy fast.  They give us amazing fees for a few minutes work that equates to far more per hour than those immensely-talented people do who carve and carve and carve while we write a few lines of pretty letters.  

That’s the difference in the drills languishing in closed boxes in dark closets….and ours that stay busy and productive in short profitable bursts, day in and day out.   

Consider this:  I got my hands on the drill in 1992 thanks to a generous gentleman who saw promise in me.  I refused to buy it because I didn’t understand it.  Finally he GAVE it to me.  Gratis.  God Bless that act of faith.  

He knew about my long history in Calligraphy.  He told me his long history with the drill and people who purchased his drills and compressors and all the stuff to do engraving. Most of them TRACED stuff printed on mylar sheets.  We do it FREEHAND. 

He looked me in the eye and said, “Ken Brown, if you translate what you know about hand-lettering with pen and ink and figure how to make pretty letters with the drill, it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!”  I didn’t know the gentleman and thought all his bulbs didn’t light.  He tried for 3 months to sell me a full engraving system that I had no clue how to use.  

He was right.  I translated.  Took me a hard, slow year to get to first base.  Soon I was knocking home runs at every turn.  

Eight years later, after I had made beautiful music (and money) with the drill all over Texas and Oklahoma for Estee Lauder, I got a call from corporate in New York.  I became their ambassador for engraving a simple and elegant script on their bottles all over Canada and all over the U.S.  

About that same time, a woman waaay up the food chain in the firm called me one day and said, “I have a question. Where are the other Ken Browns?”  In other words, where are the others who can do what you do?  Bottom line:  She asked me if I could teach.  I told her I certainly could.  

Now, I’ve completed 75 Seminars where just over 300 people have sat, learned, and began earning handsome fees for their acquired skill in those classes.  Many earn well over a grand a day working in stores, just as I began in 1993.  

This is what I teach. Most people who know about these classes become petrified at the thought of committing to such an unreachable goal…in THEIR mind…of earning a hundred bucks an hour.  Many of those who overcome that fear and take the leap of faith are those now sitting in my seat in Boston, Los Angeles, Tampa, New York, Vancouver, BC, Tulsa, Austin, Houston, and a few other cities of note.  

So…here’s my carrot for November.  Come take the class November 11-13 and you’ll get a brand new drill when you enroll and include the  Certification Program.  It’s a three-hundred-sixty dollar item at absolutely no charge.  It’s pictured above.  It will NEVER sit idle in your closet or in the attic.  It is a profit center and you’ll learn all I know about what I do and Christmas for you will be a standout this year.

As for the rest of the Seminar fee, tailored specifically for you, to help you make that leap of faith, call me and get on the list.  It takes no guts to sit on the sideline.  If you got guts and the need to earn at the rates listed above, I’m at 214.250.6958.  

The clock is ticking.  


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