Greetings and Happy New Year!

The last time I sat in this chair at this blog was almost a month ago.  Looking back on the month, not sure how I had the time!  As is always the case, (no pun intended…though December was actually about 312 cases of wine!) it was an incredible month in which just over 3500 bottles got engraved on my table.  There were 15 event dates between December 3 and 21.  Do the math…enough wine to float a PT Boat!

Six days I was in two other Texas cities; the other 9 were right here, all within a 35 minute drive at most.  Sweet deal.  Literally thousands of happy people, the recipients of the personalized bottles. Like the bottles above, not all were personalized with names but each was inscribed with something relating to the holidays.  Each bottle left with my signature, very small, on the back side so I get the credit…or blame…for whatever is engraved.  The folks know how to find me and many do with requests for more, even before my next event where the engraving is FREE.  When those same people come here for another one..or more…they pay the published rate.

Paying the published rate after pay nothing is a tough pill to swallow for most.  That does two things.  It makes them watch my events calendar to find the next venue for the engraving the wineries pay for.  It makes them appreciate what I do and how important the gifts are.  FREE is not even the best part, though that’s what keeps them coming back time and time again.  Nice to have ‘groupies!’  Job security!

Among those who will see this mailing, in addition to you, are scores and scores of others who know and understand this process.  A good many of them who watch and dream already have equipment purchased on a whim at some trade show or from an inspiration they got somewhere.  Occasionally, some of those get off the fence and make the leap of faith to let me prove they can learn this simply amazing skill.

I’d love to talk about earning power but most of you already know that.  If you won’t do it for yourself, and you have a kid with college in his/her future, send/bring them to one of my Seminars.  I’ve taught 3 kids who never flipped a burger at college.  Earnings?  Conservatively, 20 times the burger-flipping, clock-punching figure.  Each learned BEFORE college.  Wise parents indeed.

Watch my site.  At the moment, January 29, 30, 31 is the only choice.  Four seats still open.  Details here.  Will probably have another 2-3 months on the schedule in the next few day.


-Ken    214.250.6958

Oh yes….the bottles above:  Currently one of the coolest bottles out there.  These were double-size (1500 ml ea) and retailed for $240.  The only ‘label’ on the front is the Mercury Head dime.  One customer purchased all four as individual Christmas gifts.  I used a #6 round carbide.  No guidelines.  Approximately 30 seconds per bottle.  Filled with Rub ‘N Buff Silver Leaf by the store’s assistant.  Customer thrilled.

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