When these Seminars began in 2001, the $3750. fee INCLUDED the Ken Brown Certified Engraver Program.  There was no breakout price for the Seminar only.  Dozens of sessions were taught over a 7 year period.  Some merely took the engraving and chose not to work through the Certification part that followed.  Most did.  Those are the students who became most successful.  They had completed a rigorous 10 project course from home, over a target period of 10 weeks after beginning.  Some took longer.  Some finished sooner. All those who completed this most-important part of our training were more confident, more polished, and ready to accept the challenges of in-store events and projects beyond what were done in the Seminar.

In 2008, when the nation’s economy when south, the Certification program became optional.  About half or more still added the follow-up program which is the heart and soul of our overall training.  Some of those blazed through the program and began doing events at a far higher hourly rate than others were earning without that additional preparation for a higher professional profile and experience.

Many came when we would offer drastic fee reductions.  Most of those did not opt for the Certification.  They came, went, and disappeared.

Now, I’m looking for committed individuals who have the vision and need and desire to learn an amazing skill that can produce a revenue stream with a minimum of investment.  The equipment is extremely portable.  There is no inventory to buy and keep stocked.  There are no ongoing fees to anyone for anything, except the purchase of a few dozen burs annually; at my busy pace and usage, I’ll spend no more than about $500. annually on them.  There is NOTHING else to buy to support the skill and ability to earn a hundred bucks an hour; some of the more experienced and successful engravers, who have cultivated a following, are earning much more in events.  We ALL earn amazing hourly rates while engraving misc items for the public who brings every item imaginable for personalization.

MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL…I’m getting more and more calls and requests for engravers I’ve trained.  There is a relative handful of us scattered about the country and Canada and in many areas I have nobody.  There are no guarantees, but opportunities come often in various parts of the country.  I’m usually booked solid in Texas and not available to fill the needs of the frequent calls I get for engraving opportunities.

Equipment was a separate line item, as it is now.  Equipment details are elsewhere on this blog.  I sell no equipment and only support the system sold to my students by the firm shown on this blog.  Call TAKING AIM MARKETING for details.

NOTE:  Anyone who had planned to enroll at current prices, with NO CERTIFICATION, and will commit to August or September, we will offer a reasonable extension with a deposit toward either month.  You must enroll, with a deposit by end of the day Friday, August 1 at 5:00 p.m.  Balance in full by August 15 for either month you choose.

If you’re only mildly interested in the class and a great weekend price reduction, this won’t be for you.  If you want all the positive things that can come from a relatively tiny investment in your future, read on.  DETAILS HERE.

I hope to hear from some of you and will be eager to discuss your questions and help you better-understand our program.

Best regards,







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