And a Good Day to you, Gary!  Your email, posted below the cover of the original BrownLines™ printed newsletter…shown here…made my day when I received it last week.  Nice to know I’ve been in your attic all these years and never got ‘tossed!’

As you’ve seen on my site and blog, the pen and ink lettering and the version of the early editions of my newsletter, eventually morphed into beautiful letters with the dental drill.  Different script.  Different surfaces.  Better market for hand-lettered script!  It has been an amazing metamorphosis that I’m now teaching with great success.

With the introduction of laser printers, digital calligraphic fonts, and desktop publishing, the masses of those wanting to do Calligraphy for a living now find little work.  The brides can do it themselves!  Still, there are lots of people who learn and do penwork for their own use and amusement.

For anyone in that category, we still have 13 issues of the PRINTED ON PAPER BrownLines™ that are filled with good information about pen lettering along with lots of work from my then-subscribers.  Let me know if you have an interest in back issues that are for sale while they last.  See a two-page spread at the bottom of this blog.

To your comment about learning the engraving part of all this.  I’m ready when you are.  We have only September and October left for classes this year.  All the information is here.  If you decide you want in, let me know so you’ll be assured a seat.  Still have a few in each class.  Whether or not you want to learn to earn, you’ll literally be one in a million people in the U.S. who can do this….and the earning potential is off the charts to what many would assume.

Thanks again, Gary, for your note.  It was a pleasant little surprise.

Kindest regards,



SCAN 1_2

This was the first issue when we introduced BrownLines in August, 1986!  It was six pages.  All other 12 issues were 8 pages.

Good Day Mr Brown,

I was just visiting your website and found that you are still publishing BrownLines.  That’s great!  Believe it or not, I was a Charter Subscriber for your very first issue back in August 1986.  I still have that copy, too. You’ve touched a lot of people with your talent and I greatly appreciate you sharing all the “how to” you learned through trial and error.  You’ve been a great help to me.  Thank you.

I’m picking up my pens again after many years and am finding myself going back to the publications I’ve kept to “relearn”.  (They were in my attic; just couldn’t bring myself to toss them for all these years. That’s where I found my old copies of BrownLines.)
Never know, I may just show up at one of your engraving workshops. My job had me in Oklahoma City for a while (this past August to March), and they’re talking about me making another trip soon.
Thanks again.
Gary Embrey
bl scan (1)
This is a scan of a two-page spread in Issue Three of the printed BrownLines™ from March, 1987.



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