This time it was an email.

“Hi, Ken.  We’re interested in having you do a watch engraving event at Nordstrom in Dallas.  Are you available and can you engrave watches?”

You see my response above.  Had never heard of this watch brand but I do watches all the time (pardon the pun please).  My name sifted down to them from one of their employees who knew I did about a trainload of fragrance bottles for Nordstrom over the years, until the wine and spirits industry began to capture all my primo dates of ….usually, getting me on their calendars in early January for the entire year.

Actually, a Nordstrom gentleman called me asking if I had any trained engravers for their Nordstrom store in Phoenix.  The one I had, servicing that store, has left the area.  I had not a single name to give him except my own.  Too late in the game to plan it and I was not available on the date he wanted anyway.  Later, his conversation with someone at the watch counter led to me.

On October 8, at the Galleria Nordstrom in Dallas, I’ll be near their counter putting a few choice words on the backs of some pretty analog watches.  No techno smartness in these jewels.  Just creative face designs and nice clean backs for the names, sentiments, or dates that are significant to the customers purchasing them.

They wanted me for only two hours.  Told them I don’t do two-hour events.  Just about the time the event finds its rhythm, and the store people get in the groove, it’s time to pull the plug.  I gave them an option for paying my half-day rate for the two hours or letting me work a full 4 hours of the half day they’d be buying.  They opted for 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. so we inked the deal.

I strongly suggested pre-selling watches prior to the event so I’d be busy when I plugged in.  No word on that yet but I’m betting they will do it.

Watch (oops, did it again!) for more after the event.  Photos and how it all when like clockwork (!) when I get back and have a second.

Oh yes, for any of you wannabes out there salivating to speak your own watchwords…or fragrancewords…or winewords…or crystalwords….or….  We just booked a January 14, 15, 16 Professional Engraving Workshop with lower fees, simpler arrangement, and sure-fire teaching to get you earning for your own nifty letters learned here.

See my events calendar on my site and come for a visit and something engrave for your own gifts. Sorry…if you’re not in Texas you probably won’t see me this season.

-Ken  •  214.250.6958


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