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A sweet little 60-something lady brought this medical alert bracelet to be engraved on the back side for her husband.  It was to be his name, phone number, and his medical condition.  I share this for two reasons.  There is a world of business out there for medical professionals and patients.  I engrave stethoscopes and a variety of small medical devices for doctors and nurses.  A couple of medical supply places, and one of the local jewelry stores, send people here with this sort of job almost weekly.

The piece was stainless steel.  I chose a slightly used #2 round carbide bur.  Engraved wonderfully.  When done, the lettering had rough edges that needed to be polished or buffed down level with the surface.  I have no polisher or buffing wheel but I do have a basket of dish scrubbers from the ‘dollar store’ of which there are several versions where I live.  Decided to try a scrubber on the steel surface.  I used the rough green portion of the scrubber and made straight-line motions back and forth across the bracelet, with a lot of pressure, to smooth down the rough edges.  Viola!  It worked.

The scrubber was abrasive enough to make visible lines that appeared to have been manufactured into the piece.  More of a brushed look that gave the shiny stainless a dull appearance….and the benefit was smooth letters that had NO rough edges and looked as though it had been worn several years.  So….I learned something new today and wanted pass that along.

This kind of stuff and much, much more will teach the student how to make this a new, everyday income stream.  DEADLINE TO ENROLL IN THE SEPTEMBER ENGRAVING WORKSHOP IS END OF DAY, TUESDAY, AUGUST 4.    More here.

-Ken      214.250.6958

P.S.  As is often the case on these, I don’t charge for the engraving on the medical bracelets.  Figure these folks have enough to worry about and they are always surprised and so pleased.  Frequently they come back again with a wine bottle or something else to show their appreciation right back.

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