Just returned from a week in Las Vegas where Gail and I attended a small convention of decorative painters and artists of various stripes.  It was a gathering that celebrated 25 years in the industry with that particular show, always in Las Vegas.  Smaller in number of attendees and far fewer familiar faces than in years past, but still an interesting collection of art and artists.

The only dental drill spewing out Calligraphy in the exhibit hall was at our table.  The most excitement for a unique presentation with personalization on a variety of items was at our table.  There were enough prospects, rabid to learn this form of art, who visited our booth, that the April Ken Brown Engraving Workshop may fill quickly.

If you have an interest in being ready to earn for a new skill at Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and every other special day of the year, get your ducks in a row and come learn.

Glad to be back in home and in my Studio, ready for a busy spring, personalizing countless cases of wine and spirits for functions that occur daily, each needing gifts with names and sentiments.  Details are at http://kenbrown.com

And remember…

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