Below is a confirmation of a request after this young lady called me from Chicago.  She is with a marketing firm desperately trying to find engravers in Massachusetts.   This firm has called me several times for engravers in various parts of the country and I’ve had only a few instances where my students are in the areas where they need engravers.  Often, where I have none to recommend.

Also, repeatedly, I’ve told them a 3 hour event is a waste of time.  All these dates listed below are already booked as FULL 8 hour days for me in Texas and should be the same for where my students are matched with retailers and suppliers who understand you just don’t book a 3 hour event any time.  Much less in the Christmas season!

When I got the call from the watch mfr a couple of weeks ago wanting a TWO hour event, I told them I didn’t do two hour events.  Told them I do an occasional half-day, 4 hours, at evening venues.  The date they wanted was open on my calendar so I quoted the half-day rate for two hours and told them they had me for two, or four, as they wished.  They took the 4 hours and it should be a good event at a Dallas Nordstrom if they do their work in promoting it.

BOTTOM LINE:  There is a demand in countless locations for people who can sit and personalize items like those who have come through my training. I refer ones who stay in touch with me and express their appreciation for the opportunities.

NEXT WORKSHOP on November 12, 13, 14.  If you’re interested, let me hear pronto.


-Ken  •  214.250.6958

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