Few would argue that.

Nearing retirement or not, the ability to engrave names, dates, and sentiments on gifts will generate amazing fees for you, or your spouse, or anyone you know needing an additional stream of income.

Take a look at this brief video.  It is the first project we do in the KEN BROWN PROFESSIONAL ENGRAVING WORKSHOP. You do NOT need experience in Calligraphy.  The inked lettering….your initials….will already be done.  You do the rest as shown on the video.

The rest of the class is doing freehand letters as you see in this other video.

It’s a method.  A technique.  YOUR handwriting doesn’t matter.  You learn how to make all the letters from a few simple ‘squiggles’….strokes….that together, in the right order, form the beautiful letters.

I have NO artistic talent whatsoever.  What I do, I figured out on my own, decades ago.  It works.  It works.  It works!

Works for left-handers as well.  Like anything, there is a learning curve but students begin earning from their first day back home after this Workshop.  You learn all the letters – and numbers – and how to make them on a variety of surfaces and shapes.

Crystal, wine, spirits, knives, guns, sporting goods equipment, jewelry. Tools, wedding gifts, baby gifts, hostess gifts.  The list is endless.

The earning potential is probably greater than you’d ever imagine.  Weddings, anniversaries, births, birthdays, graduations, and countless other needs for special gifts happen every single day.

You can do it but you have to make a commitment in time and money.  And soon, you’ll be earning great money for your time.

The age range of my students has been 15 to 92.  Every single one of them learned my method and left here making beautiful letters.  And every day they get better with practice and more business.

We talk about inexpensive and somewhat off-the-wall marketing ideas that have worked well with little investment.  I buy NO ads.  My business cards and my work do it all, mostly word-of-mouth from those who buy or receive the pieces I do.

See more at my site.  Call me if you have questions….no pressure.  I’ll answer them with my experience of teaching over 300 people during the past 15 years…and engraving for thousands and thousands since 1992.

-Ken   •   214.250.6958

The next Workshop is in Allen, Texas, near Dallas, June 22-25.

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