DSC_0689A crafty granddad put some colored rocks and some mirrors into a couple of copper tubes.  The eyepiece was on the bottom end.  Turn and look inside and it was a magnificent little kaleidoscope.

Used an old #4 round carbide bur because copper so very soft.  At first, my pressure and speed of movement weren’t in sync and the bur grabbed the metal.  Immediately I knew how to correct it and then all was well.  At best, it’s difficult to get a razor sharp line without getting the perfect combination of bur sharpness / dullness and the right pressure / speed of your hand.

The total job was about 10 minutes for a total of $50.  Do the math.  That’s the everyday potential with the drill.

The old boy was thrilled and will put these away until the twin girls are old enough to use them.  They’re 9 months old now.  Nothing like planning ahead for a 4th birthday!

The September class is on a last-minute special for $900.  Regular Workshop fee is $1600.  Only 3 seats left.  Deal ends end of the day Monday, August 31.

-Ken  •  214.250.6958


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